Call of Duty World War 2 Announced

Activision has announced the next Call of Duty game, and it’s titled Call of Duty: WWII. Yes, Call of Duty is going back to its roots with a World War 2 setting, the first time a game in the series has been set in the second world war since 2008’s World at War.

WWII is being developed by Sledgehammer Games, the team behind 2014’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

call of duty ww2 announced

Activision will be showing the game off with a gameplay reveal livestream scheduled for Wednesday, April 26 at 12pm CT.

Smith’s Sentiment: Fairly interested in this. It’s been just about a decade since a Call of Duty game has been set during World War 2, so it’s about time. Like most people I had burned out on the setting, but with a decade break what’s old is new again. EA found a lot of success with the World War 1 setting for Battlefield, so I’m sure Activision is banking on this to breathe some life back into the Call of Duty franchise.

WW2 multiplayer includes female soldiers

Call of Duty: WW2 developer Sledgehammer Games has confirmed that, if you wish, you’ll be able to select a female soldier as your avatar in the game’s multiplayer mode. Co-founder Michael Condrey answered a fan question on Twitter recently about this very issue, confirming that female soldiers will indeed be part of the multiplayer offering.

During the Call of Duty: WW2 reveal, it was confirmed that the game’s campaign would include portions about the French resistance where you’ll be playing as a woman.

By comparison, Infinite Warfare did not have female soldiers in multiplayer. Black Ops 3, on the other hand, had several female classes.

As you see, Call of Duty is going back to World War 2. While we’ve already seen some of the campaign and characters, learned a little about the all new multiplayer and zombies, there are still plenty of questions.

The arsenal of World War 2 weapons and the signatures of those weapons were really uniquely defined. Obviously we have the classics that people know and love like the SMG44 and the Garand, the rifles, the SMGs like the Thompson or the Grease Gun – but clearly shotguns and LMGs meant things and the battlefields would respond.

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