5 Interesting Facts about Call of Duty

Call of Duty has been a mega-selling game for several years, and World War 2 series looks to continue that trend, but over the years perhaps you’ve missed some of the games or features so here are 5 things that you probably didn’t know about the Call of Duty.

Call of Duty Is a Global Time Suck

Now, that’s probably not surprising considering how popular the franchise is in general. Yet, what you may not know is that Activision released statistics of gameplay hours cumulatively across platforms. Gamers have racked up over 1900 years worth of game play – every day – totaling to nearly 3 billion years of playing time.

If you compared that amount of time in the real world, we would witness the end of the dinosaurs, evolution, empires being toppled, microchips being invented simply in the time it takes to earn a 27-kill kill streak.

Modern Warfare III Is the Fastest Selling Game in History

No matter what sort of rumors abound as to the decline in sales, Call of Duty has proven to be one of greatest selling franchises in history. The third addition to the Modern Warfare legacy still holds the record for fastest selling game in the first month it was available. Ironically taking the record from another Call of Duty game, specifically Call of Duty: Black Ops with just over 8 million in sales. Modern Warfare III stepped it up and sold 8.8 million copies in its first month.

One player took marathoning to a record setting level

We’ve all probably had all-nighters while playing Call of Duty, but one player from Australia set a Guiness World Record for his gaming session. Okan Kaya, in November 2012, set the new world record for gaming marathon at 135 hours and 50 minutes. Okan was allowed to take a 10 minute break for every hour of gameplay, and accumulated those breaks for a nearly seven hour nap. During this session, Okan was able to rise to 37th place in the global Black Ops 2 leaderboard.

Several Games Never Made It Through Development

While the Call of Duty franchise has released a staggering 15 major titles over the life of the franchise, there were several titles that could have made the list even longer. Four titles in particular never saw the light of day including Call of Duty Tactics by Vicarious Visions which took a more top-down strategy angle. Call of Duty: Devils Brigade would have returned players to WWII for a third-person shooter, Call of Duty: Combined Forces was dropped for cost saving reasons even though it was to be the sequel to Finest Hour. When Sledgehammer Games joined Infinity Ward to assist with Modern Warfare III, they stopped developing Call of Duty: Vietnam.

COD Players’ Brains Work Faster Than Other Gamers

There was a research study published in Current Biology, that claimed there was a connection in decision making skills and playing action-shooters like Call of Duty. In the study the researchers noted that the reaction speed in gamers between 18 to 25 years old was much faster if they played Call of Duty rather than strategic games like The Sims. Call of Duty utilizes frantic action and high-pressure scenarios which wound up resulting in noticeably faster decision making through the study. (more at here)

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